Physician Collaboration

Tyler ContinueCARE Hospital works with a dedicated group of hospitalists who are devoted to efficiently managing the process of inpatient care from the time of admission to discharge from our hospital. Hospitalists may be internal medicine or family medicine physicians and have training in specialties such as pulmonary medicine, cardiology and intensive care. These physicians assume the primary responsibility for managing the medical needs of patients who are admitted to our hospital.

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A hospitalist does not replace the patient’s primary care physician, surgeon, or other specialist, but works in close consultation with them to provide total case management during the patient’s entire stay. The hospitalists keep the patient’s primary care physician up-to-date on their care and treatment plan.

Our hospitalists are committed to providing quality and compassionate care to our patients and their families. Whether explaining a medical procedure, updating the family on their loved one’s condition or planning appropriate care after discharge, our hospitalists are dedicated to ensuring that patients are comfortable and receive great care during their stay at Tyler ContinueCARE Hospital.

Hospitalists do not see patients outside of the hospital setting. While a patient is under the care of a hospitalist, the primary care physician receives continuous updates about the patient’s condition and plays a major role in the treatment plan.

Once a patient is discharged from our hospital, any follow-up appointments should be made with the primary care physician who has consulted with the hospitalist in developing the treatment plan.

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