ContinueCARE Hospital at Medical Center (Odessa)

For current and up-to-date Coronavirus (COVID-19) information, please visit the CDC Website.

As recommended by the CDC, we request that all visitors to our facility wear a mask. Thank you for helping to keep everyone safe!

ContinueCARE Hospital at Medical Center is a 25-bed Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH) housed on the fourth floor of our host hospital, Medical Center Hospital, Odessa, Texas. Designed for critically ill patients requiring a longer hospital stay, our hospital is specifically licensed and administered to provide care for patients who require daily physician and staff attention for complex conditions.

Our employees are a dedicated team who work together delivering the best possible care for our patients. Since we have a longer length of stay, our staff has the opportunity to know patients and families. We believe spending quality time makes a difference. And we want to make a difference.

As a “hospital-within-a-hospital,” we are a separate yet fully licensed acute-care hospital with the ability to provide intensive and complex medical treatment. Our specialty programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of long-term, acute-care patients.

Please schedule a tour to learn more about our hospital, the specialty care we provide, career opportunities, and the benefits of being a part of our great team of professionals.

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Please feel free to call Administration for any additional information about ContinueCARE Hospital at Medical Center or for career opportunities. We appreciate your interest and look forward to talking with you!

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The Odessa Community

We take great pride in serving the Odessa community where the sky, literally, is the only limit. It is a dynamic city that boasts fresh air, awe-inspiring sunsets and the friendliest people you’ll ever find. Odessa’s Permian Panthers were the subject of the now famous book “Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream” by H. G. Bissinger, and area residents are known for their passion for high school football. Odessa is home to two high schools, three higher education institutions and the nation’s second largest meteor crater. Oil production is the area’s largest industry. Residents appreciate the inviting neighborhoods, quality schools and top-notch medical care. For more information about Odessa, visit the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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